Allegro Cafe & Grill

Family Mall, 6 October City, Egypt     Cafe, Restaurant, Food & Beverage Company

Arigato Sushi & Grill

Legnda Mall, Sheikh Zayed, 6 October City, Egypt     Sushi Restaurant

Arigato Sushi & Grill is a place for true Sushi Addict to reveal their enthusiasm for it and enjoy a freshly prepared Sushi Rolls using premium ingredients, made by our Japanese chefs to indulge in their ultimate fantasy.

Auto cafe

داخل جهاز مدينة ٦ اكتوبر, 6 October City, Egypt     Tea Room, Drive In Restaurant

كافيه يسمح بدخول السيارات . كافي جاردن . بلاي ستيشن .مجلس عربي . wi fi مطعم وجبات مميزه . خدمه سريعه . مكان للعائلات

Down Stairs Cafe

Down Stirs Cafe, 6 October City, Egypt     Cafe, Restaurant

Down stairs cafe

Dubai Cars

الشيخ زايد ..و المهندسين, 6 October City, Egypt     Car Dealership

وكيل معتمد لدى ليموزين مصر

Fatma Restaurant

Arkan, 6 October City, Egypt     Diner, Breakfast & Brunch Restaurant, Lebanese Restaurant

قصة واقعية ..عن ست مصرية ...اسمها فاطمة القصة وباختصار بدأت لما اكتشفت فاطمة ان الطبخ بالنسبة لها مش مجرد هواية.. ولكن عشق. الاول اتعلمت تطبخ اشهى الاطباق المصرية الاصيلة (اللي تتاكل الصوابع وراها). بعدين اتعلمت احلى الطبخات من بلاد تانية لانها كانت بتسافر كتير مع والدها السفير. وفي النهاية قررت فاطمة انها تخلط خبرتها وجمعت كل الاط...

GeexPro Playstaion & Cafe

406 El Fayoumy st, 6 October City, Egypt     Just For Fun, Cafe, Restaurant

يلا شتيشن كافيه

German Doner Kebab

3, Palm Strip Mall , Abd Elmonem Riad St. Al Motamayez District, 6 October City, 6 October City, Egypt     Fast Food Restaurant


street 18,second industrial zone, 6 October City, Egypt     Food & Beverage Company

MITCO is a privately held company established in 1976 by the Kafafy family. With 40 years of experience as a leading manufacturer of processed meat products such as burgers, sausages, kofta, cold cuts and more, the company focuses on sales to leading hotels, restaurant chains, private label manufacturing and retail. Located in the heart of the Sixth of October city, MITCO, meat and poultry processing, is built over an area of five thousand square meters with a substantial production capacity of five thousand tons per annum. MITCO plant is designed to be one of the most advanced of its kind in ...

NQ: In Queue Drive-thru Café

Cairo-Alex Desert Road, 6 October City, Egypt     Drive In Restaurant, Cafe

In Queue, is the first drive-thru café in Egypt. We're not only about providing you with the food & beverages of the highest quality while you are in your car; we take it far beyond. Our passion is to spread the positive vibes in the air, providing you with a shot of happiness & hope, drawing a smile on your face is what we aim to do. We heartily care about sharing your roads, moments, feelings and dreams. In Queue is "Your Road Companion".

O2 Café

6October city, 6 October City, Egypt     Cafe, Restaurant

O2 Cafè is ready to host special events, birthday parties and occasions. we are prepared to serve our customers 24/7. You can reach us easily on 0112-366-8884 for reservations and any further information. الكافيه علي اتم الاستعداد لاستقبال المناسبات الخاصه و اعياد الميلاد و الحفلات. نحن مستعدون لخدمة عملائنا في اي وقت. للحجز او لمزيد من المعلومات برجاء الاتصال علي 01123668884


6 October City, Egypt     Azienda di cibo e bevande

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