Stumpy's Lakeside Grill

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Stumpy's Lakeside Grill

The Story- The Taff family moved to Granbury, Tx in 2008. Not knowing what was the next venture was they ended up buying an old Marina and naming it Stumpy’s. Stumpy’s name came from the many stumps spread across Lake Granbury. Not knowing a thing about the restaurant business, our mission was for a family lakeside dining experience with all the toys and shopping at hand. Kids gather handfuls of quarters to feed the fish & ducks while parents have a bite to eat. During the last eight years, Stumpy’s has been a constant fixture in our life. No matter where we’ve lived, or phase of life, Stumpy’s is always home. These are some of the reasons why:

The Guests- If you’re reading this while visiting Stumpy’s, take a look around. This is Granbury, Tx. You’ll see a guy who pumps gas at the Marina on the dock, sitting next to the mayor. You’ll see the millionaire who lives up the street. The sweet old lady that comes every Taco Tuesday. A pair of cops. The retired NFL Quarterback. A half dozen beautiful girls enjoying a lake day and several families tubing with their children. You’ll even see a few tourists. They’re the ones asking for the Bloody Mary or the Strawberry Daiquiri.

The Food- Simple and consistent. When you go home to Mom’s and she makes you one of your childhood favorites, it’s going to taste exactly like you remember, and it’s going to be wonderful. That’s the food here. From the bottomless chips and salsa to the fried catfish, to the unparalleled fish tacos, you can’t go wrong. It’s always a challenge for me when bringing someone new to Stumpy’s. They always ask, “what’s good here?” It’s all good. Some things may be ‘gooder’ than others, but mainly it depends on your mood.

The Experience- It takes years and years to establish true character. This is true for people, as well as places. Stumpy’s is not just a big room on the water where people eat and drink. It’s a spirit. It’s a mood. It’s an ambiance. It’s old, but not run down. It has a smell, but not an odor. It’s worn, but not dirty. It has a dull roar that could at once be described as both boisterous and tranquil. It’s a place where you come in, order a pint (from the bartender, who may or may not know your name), enjoy the quintessential lake view, and watch endless amounts of people on the lake coming to enjoy a family filled restaurant experience.
-A Stumpy’s Long Time Patron

    Bar & Grill, Marina

    Dinner, Drinks, Lunch

          Suitable for groups
          Suitable for children
          Outdoor tables
          Booking is NOT mandatory

   (817) 279-1000

      2323 S Morgan St, Granbury, United States

  Internal parking



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