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Home Foodie is all about inspiring home cooks to reinvent favorites and recreate dishes from food discoveries using San Miguel Pure Foods products.

Home Foodie

San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. is the largest Filipino-owned food company, with nearly 3,000 employees deployed in a broad nationwide network of offices, farms, manufacturing, processing and distribution facilities.

It holds in its portfolio the names of some of the most formidable brands in the Philippine food industry, among them, Magnolia, Pure Foods, Monterey, Star and Dari Crème. B-Meg and Pure Blend, on the other hand, are the market-leaders in the Animal Feeds industry.

The Great Food Club has been in the forefront of the San Miguel - Purefoods Group’s efforts to reach the Filipino household.

We provide valued consumers with new and interesting ways to use San Miguel - Pure Foods products in the recipes we develop.Whether it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, for everyday or special occasions, San Miguel Pure Foods products help set every Filipino Famly's dining table.

The Culinary Center also conducts activities such as mall cooking demonstrations, culinary workshops, cooking contests, livelihood and educational seminars, and the distribution of newsletters to keep the consumers updated on the latest trends in food. We also respond to the many requests for recipes and homemaking tips from consumers.

Today’s Culinary Center boasts of an integrated look of form and function that address the practical needs of our chefs and customers alike. The planning and design of this facility was dependent on the various activities that our chefs do, day in and day out. From recipe testing activities to food presentations, the center provides a comfortable area perfect for every culinarian.

Designed by Interior designer Alice Yazon of the design firm Yazon and Associates, this facility follows a contemporary theme incorporating sleek, modern lines, uncluttered, ergonomic and is user-friendly, with storage more concentrated below counters rather than in overhead cabinets where things are harder to reach. While there is a minimalist echo, the overall look is not clinically white and “antiseptic” since the use of materials such as wook and granite and colors like deep, reddish brown accents and yellow walls, grounds the spaces to a modern homey look. The design considered energy efficient systems as seen it its application of compact fluorescent lights (CFL) for general lighting and more up to date electrical appliances with power efficiency ratings. Indeed, the planning and design has translated the available spaces, their utility requirements and the activity patterns of its users create one functional setting.

Multi Purpose Hall

The multi-purpose hall is now equipped with a couple of flat screen TV’s that are hooked up with our built in camera. The camera combines PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) technology and can capture the important steps that the chef offers during a cooking demonstration done at the consumer kitchen. Moreover, the hall provides a clean, clutter free display of the variety of product mock-ups that the food group has to offer.


The bakeshop echoes a modern and user-friendly theme. Some of the added features include lighted storage areas and pantry cabinets that provide an illusion of space. It also provides enough work stations that are necessary in the production of various baked products using Magnolia dairy products.

Consumer Kitchen

The consumer kitchen, also known as our “demo kitchen” features black granite countertops, woodgrain faces, modular storage elements and is complemented by deep accent colors. Here, you will find base cabinet drawers which are fully extendable for easy access of all stored items. Glass door fixtures are found in overhead display cabinets and improved lighting and counter task lights will help chefs do their work at hand. Notice that the cooktop hubs, ovens and exhaust hoods are what you would personally want in your own kitchen, and well provided for, by our partner, G.E./Ariston.

Institutional Kitchen

Equipped with a convection oven, griddle, rotisserie, plus stainless steel counters that simulate a typical modern restaurant, this is where recipes are developed and cooking procedures for meat and poultry products are standardized. Training for restaurant and canteen staff are also held here.

    Food & Beverage Company

      San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center Eagle cor. Legaspi St., Ugong, Pasig, Philippines, Pasig, Philippines

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