Featured Restaurants in Tonga

Featured Restaurants in Tonga

Nuku`alofa Taufa'ahau Village

Taufa'ahau Village

A variety to tickle your taste buds including food & drink; fashion; beauty; entertainment; tattoos and playground ideal for children under 5 years

Nuku`alofa Coffee Post Tonga

Coffee Post Tonga

Coffeepost is located in the heart of Tongatapu CBD, in the Tonga Post Office building, with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, Taufa’ahu Road... »

Nuku`alofa Meida Hotel & Restaurant

Meida Hotel & Restaurant

We are the only Hotel in the Kingdom of Tonga who can strive to meet your every Hotel needs. We value you and your belonging's safety and welfare.

Nukalofa Seaview Lodge - Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Seaview Lodge - Nuku'alofa, Tonga

Seaview Lodge and Restaurant is located on the Waterfront of Nuku'alofa in close proximity to the Royal Palace, while the city center with lively mark... »

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