Featured Restaurants in Swaziland

Featured Restaurants in Swaziland

Ezulwini PubnGrill Gables

PubnGrill Gables

Centrally Located and ever buzzing with activity, The PubnGrill Gables offers an authentic food and entertainment experience for locals and visitors a... »

Mbabane eDish Cafe

eDish Cafe

Computronics Systems, Swaziland’s first computer company, branches out with the new IT Lifestyle Centre concept featuring the eDish Café, situated ... »

Mbabane Cool Runnings Restaurant & Bar

Cool Runnings Restaurant & Bar

We have a magnificent restaurant complemented by an equally magnificent bar.

Mbabane Swaziland Theatre Club

Swaziland Theatre Club

So this page shall serve as a medium of communication between club members and all others interested in or already taking part in the day to day activ... »

Malkerns Vickery Seedlings Coffee Shop & Tea Garden

Vickery Seedlings Coffee Shop & Tea Garden

We like to think of ourselves as a culinary retreat set within the Vickery Seedlings Nursery & Garden Centre. We offer a relaxing atmosphere provided ... »

Malkerns Swazi Candles

Swazi Candles

For over thirty years Swazi Candles has been spreading light from the Heart of Swaziland across the World.Creating exquisite hand crafted candles in ... »

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