Featured Restaurants in Palau

Featured Restaurants in Palau

Koror Palau Royal Resort 帛琉老爺大酒店 (パラオ・ロイヤル・リゾート)

Palau Royal Resort 帛琉老爺大酒店 (パラオ・ロイヤル・リゾート)

Palau Royal Resort 帛琉老爺大酒店的客房皆為附陽台的海景客房。 盡情欣賞湛藍的海洋、椰林樹影,以及洛克群島的... »

Ngatpang Ngatpang


Ngatpang is one of Palau's sixteen states. It comprises an area of around 47 square kilometers in the west of Palau's largest island, Babeldaob, facin... »

Ikelau Palau Hotel

Palau Hotel

Located at the MOST convenient location in Palau. Newly renovated budget hotel which serve free breakfast buffet, free parking, free lobby Wi-Fi and f... »

Koror Royal Belau Yacht Club (RBYC - Palau)

Royal Belau Yacht Club (RBYC - Palau)

The Royal Belau Yacht Club (RBYC), in Palau, Micronesia, is based at Sam's Tours http://www.samstours.com/ a popular local dive shop located on the we... »

Koror Fish'nFins Palau

Fish'nFins Palau

Founded: 1972 Company Overview: Fish ‘n Fins the pioneer dive shop in Palau since 1972 invites you to experience the beauty of Palau above and und... »

Koror L'Amarena Gelato Shop

L'Amarena Gelato Shop

L'Amarena is a Gelato Shop that brings the tradition of the artisanal Italian Ice Cream (Gelato) in Koror, Palau Republic. High quality products, atte... »

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