Featured Restaurants in Macau

Featured Restaurants in Macau

Macau 小成都冒菜


全澳首間有堂食- 古法冒菜!特設冒菜湯(微小中大辣)、蕃茄湯及清湯!更設Pizza 滋味無窮!全國1000間連鎖,澳... »

Macau Hard Rock Cafe Macau

Hard Rock Cafe Macau

Since 14 June 1971, our mission at Hard Rock has been to "do well by doing good" in our Local and Global Communities. In a world where Corporate Phi... »

Macau Grand Lapa, Macau

Grand Lapa, Macau

Situated just steps from the Jetfoil terminal, we enjoy a fantastic location in the centre of Macau. With everything from a glorious spa to swimming p... »

Macau Take a break 歇一歇

Take a break 歇一歇

Take a break 歇一歇 希望可以在繁華鬧市中給大家一個休息的地方

Macau SKY 21 Bar & Restaurant

SKY 21 Bar & Restaurant

Positioned on the top floors in Macau’s central, spread over two-storey, the 20,000 square-feet bar and restaurant offers authentic Pan-Asian cuisin... »

Taipa Pink Grill 闊董

Pink Grill 闊董

「闊董」為金沙城中心其中一家高級餐廳,以尊尚南北泰菜招待每一位闊董,講究奢華品味的西式飲食智慧,又能... »

Macau BarCelona Tapas & Rice

BarCelona Tapas & Rice

BarCelona Tapas & Rice是澳門第一家真正,地道的西班牙美食酒吧。我們每碟餐前小吃,都是以中小份量,為求令客人... »

Taipa Sands Cotai Central 金沙城中心

Sands Cotai Central 金沙城中心

Nowhere else in Asia will you find an incredible choice of hotels, world-class shopping, sensational entertainment and dining, all within reach.

Macau 綠廚房 GREENS Kitchen & Juicery

綠廚房 GREENS Kitchen & Juicery

澳門的首間冷壓鮮榨果汁店 提供健康新派輕食,新鮮烘焙食品(無麩質/素食)和冷榨果汁等有營養食品。彩用全... »

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