Featured Restaurants in Lebanon

Featured Restaurants in Lebanon

El Khenchâra Ô Bois restaurant

Ô Bois restaurant

Location: Khenchara - Metn- Liban Itinéaire de Beyrouth: 1) Beyrouth - Metn Highway - Baabdat - Dhour Shweir - Bolognia - Khenchara. 2) Beyrouth - A... »

J`ita Habbet Loz حبة لوز

Habbet Loz حبة لوز

Habbet Loz Located in Antoura, Jeita Roundabout, Next to Bank Audi

Tripoli Matte Urban Cuisine

Matte Urban Cuisine

Matte is the new urban food cuisine restaurant opening in Tripoli. It is breaking the «trend» in the area and introducing a brand new concept of ur... »

Nabatîyé Totango


Authentic Oriental cuisine which brings back forgotten traditional flavors, providing its guests with an unsurpassed first class dining experience. It... »

Mazra`at Kafr Dhibyan The Notch

The Notch

Welcome to The Notch. The Notch combines fine dining and clubbing. Enjoy the mouthwatering tastes of our unique menu, tastes around the world, served... »

Kfar Hâta Bamboo Asian Cuisine

Bamboo Asian Cuisine

Indian, Thai , Chinese Cuisine

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