Featured Restaurants in Lebanon

Featured Restaurants in Lebanon

Beirut Ichiban Express

Ichiban Express

Ichiban Express brings you best quality Japanese food in a friendly environment. Whether you’re looking for a quick meal break or sushi delivery to ... »

Zgharta My Friends

My Friends

"My Friends" Restaurant was established in 1999 and started as a small family business. The restaurant's concept was based on the objective of making... »

Beirut Gatsby - 1920s Town Social & Kitchen

Gatsby - 1920s Town Social & Kitchen

Located in the heart of Beirut’s booming Uruguay street, Gatsby takes after the infamous Chicago Prohibition-era speakeasies. With its charmingly au... »

Zgharta Tahounet al khawaja - طاحونة الخواجه

Tahounet al khawaja - طاحونة الخواجه

تم بناء الطاحونة سنة 1700م أيام السلطنة العثمانية، رممت وأعيد إحياء معالمها الاثرية... »

Dbayeh Lily's


At Lily's in Blueberry Square Dbayeh, we always set the trend! Whether it is through our live music nights, or our resident DJs who spin the best old... »

Hemlâya Tabliyit Massaad

Tabliyit Massaad

Zahle: 08 806 626 Gemmayzeh: 01 445 370 Hamra: 01 740 128 Dbayeh: 04 444 313 Rabieh: 04 444 312 Bikfaya: 04 985 812 Broumana: 04 960 902 Ghazir: 09 85... »

Beirut Souk el Akel

Souk el Akel

Souk El Akel is a Food Celebration showcasing Lebanon’s vibrant culinary world of foods including Lebanese, Middle Eastern and International bites.

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