Featured Restaurants in Jordan

Featured Restaurants in Jordan

Amman مطاعم ورد - Ward Restaurants

مطاعم ورد - Ward Restaurants

قصة ورد لم تأتِ من أوراق ألف ليلة وليلة .. ولا من ثنايا أساطير الرومان .. ولم تُروَ عل... »

Amman BURGERJi برغرجي

BURGERJi برغرجي

We only serve real burgers and their essential sides, fries, salads and drinks that enhance the burger experience.

Amman Sushi Crush

Sushi Crush

Now you can order food online for takeout from Sushi Crush in Amman, View menu, photos, and more. It is fast, & easy to use.

Amman Tim's Burger

Tim's Burger

We are the "ONLY" Burger place that serves 100% local "Baladi" beef burgers. We started from the heart of Amman, Al-Rainbow Street, to serve you the b... »

Amman Ciao cafe Amman

Ciao cafe Amman

Supplying Yemeni Arabica Specialty Coffee. We are privileged to bring you the best coffees grown the traditional way in Yemen by the proud small-scal... »

Amman جبران - Jubran

جبران - Jubran

JUBRAN Restaurant & Cafe offers a great tasting menu to its customers, from food to desserts to soft drinks. We work hard to ensure that each guest re... »

Amman Q&Z Shawerma&Grill

Q&Z Shawerma&Grill

now open.. Healthy and yummy, our Shawerma Grill joint will deliver across Amman & make you taste the best Shawerma in town!

Amman Zoka Cafe

Zoka Cafe

Welcome to Zoka café, a new beginning and sunrise of a new day, as the name suggests in Indu-Asian language. We believe that every day is a new begi... »

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