Featured Restaurants in Jordan

Featured Restaurants in Jordan

`Aqaba Renee's


Renee's is an exclusive dessert shop located in the city of Aqaba, Jordan. Serving the best desserts in town, all our recipes were created by the gen... »

Al-Salt Mountain Breeze Resort

Mountain Breeze Resort

Mountain Breeze Resort is an outdoor activity complex, containing restaurants, meeting & lodging facilities and paintball. Located on a mountaintop f... »

Amman Al Ghazal Pasta

Al Ghazal Pasta

The Modern Flour Mills and Macaroni Factories Co. is a diversified cereal processor based in Amman, Jordan. In business since 1949, the company curren... »

Amman Buffalo Wings & Rings - Jordan

Buffalo Wings & Rings - Jordan

BW&R is home of the Buffalo, a glorious beast. This is where you find the finest wings, bold burgers and tasty, chopped in-house salads. We’re home ... »

Amman Zambak Turkish Cuisine

Zambak Turkish Cuisine

Time travel with us back to the elegant and magnificent Ottoman Era; Promising an evening full of eternal love and delicious Turkish food at the proud... »

Amman منسفجي


منسف باللحم البلدي.... و الجميد البلدي الأصلي دون أي إضافات... مع السمنة البلقاوية ا... »

`Abdun Cafe Haroun

Cafe Haroun

Haroun is a fresh new approach of casual dining in Amman. Our innovative kitchen serves a wide variety of favorites ranging from traditional to intern... »

Amman مطعم إلك ونه

مطعم إلك ونه

مطعم يقدم أشهى الأكل العراقي من سمك مسكوف و مشاوي على الطريقة العراقية الأصيلة.

Amman U.S. EAGLE Sports Restaurant

U.S. EAGLE Sports Restaurant

Come for the food, stay for the fun!

Al-Salt Sunset Cafe

Sunset Cafe

amazing sunset view.....

Al `Aqabah Copacabana aqabah

Copacabana aqabah

Copacabana 2 Where are we? Aqabah,near to Aqaba Gate Opening hours We're open everyday 1:00 Pm -1:00 Am All you can eat Yes,all you can eat fr... »

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