Featured Restaurants in Jersey

Featured Restaurants in Jersey

St. Helier Tiki Hut

Tiki Hut

Eat? Grab a tasty snack or meal at our bar or in the dining and lounge areas. Enjoy a mix of tasty tapas, burgers, Thai curries, noodles or chips wi... »

Trinity Jersey Dairy

Jersey Dairy

Jersey Cows are known Worldwide for their superior quality milk, beauty & gentle nature. Jersey Dairy is home of the Jersey Cow, and a true farmers co... »

Jersey Wild Health

Wild Health

Wild foods come from pristine ecosystems which have existed and thrived immeasurably longer than conventional agriculture. When you eat wild food, you... »

Jersey The Farm House & L'Auberge Du Nord

The Farm House & L'Auberge Du Nord

The Farm House, a stunning old building that dates back to the 16th Century, has some of the most breath-taking views on Jersey. It encompasses the ri... »

Jersey The Tenby

The Tenby

Bar open 11am-11pm with a variety of beers, spirits and soft drinks. Restaurant open 12pm-2:30pm for lunch Monday-Sat and 6pm-9pm for dinner Monday-Sa... »

Grouville Holme Grown

Holme Grown

Jersey's independent local family farm shop, café, bakery, butchery and garden & pet store - the most southerly farm shop in the United Kingdom.

Jersey The Windmill Inn

The Windmill Inn

Cafe, Breakfast, Brunch, Restaurant, Bistro, Wine Bar

St. Helier JB's


Seriously good food, Seriously amazing real beer selection, Seriously good bar, Seriously great live music & Serious about PingPong!

Jersey Old Court House Inn

Old Court House Inn

Westward Pub The Westward pub offers two bar areas, including one made from the original tender to the famous Westward ship. Each has cosy corners in ... »

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