Featured Restaurants in Haiti

Featured Restaurants in Haiti

Pétionville Jojo Restaurant

Jojo Restaurant

Jojo Restaurant in the Evergreen complex in Petion-ville, Haiti is all about great food from locally sourced quality ingredients. We serve these up t... »

Cap-Haïtien Lakou Breda

Lakou Breda

Lakou Breda Hotel and Bungalow is a unique space, and one of the most beautiful in all of Cap Haitian. The 'lakou' or courtyard, is an important part ... »

Delmas Daniella Inn Hotel

Daniella Inn Hotel

Daniella Inn Hotel offers to business travelers a comfortable accommodation in a tropical setting. Facilities & Services include complimentary wifi ac... »

Saint-Michel de l'Atalaye Tigeorges Sports Bar & Restaurant

Tigeorges Sports Bar & Restaurant

Ti Georges is a premium bar that showcases an experience that is deemed to make you want to return for more. We are a venue, located in the heart of S... »

Ville de Pétion-Ville Oli's Pizza and Subs

Oli's Pizza and Subs

UN P'TIT CREUX PIZZA? Les meilleures pizzas sont à Oli's

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