Featured Restaurants in Grenada

Featured Restaurants in Grenada

Grenada City Dream Cakes

Dream Cakes

The Dream Cakes was established and has presented itself to cater for the many with delicious cakes. The cakes were done as a hobby by catering for bi... »

Saint George's Dodgy Dock Grenada

Dodgy Dock Grenada

Dining By The Sea:Liming By The Bay!

Saint George Venus


Venus is the brain child of co-owners Kyron Munroe and Karline Purcell. Both these individuals have a passion for new ventures and eyes for business. ... »

Lance aux Épines Le Boucher Grenada

Le Boucher Grenada

Le Boucher Grenada provides quality local meats, prepared in the traditional European way

Saint George's Deyna's


located in the heart of the capital, housed in a historical building. It consist of twelve cozy air-conditioned rooms with private bath, direct dialin... »

Petit Calivigny Island Fever Tropical Tavern

Island Fever Tropical Tavern

The Deck Restaurant is located at the Le Phare Bleu Boutique Hotel and Marina waterfront. Open daily for lunch, happy hour and dinner. Call 444-2400 ... »

Saint George Mcdonald's Amusement Park  & Cuisine

Mcdonald's Amusement Park & Cuisine

MAPC is the New exciting place to be for good food and fun rides outside of town(Located in Calivigny,St.George's

Woburn Whisper Cove Marina

Whisper Cove Marina

Our experience in management, catering and butchery gave us the idea of developing a peaceful cove where music, good food, ambiance and nature would j... »

Saint George's House of Chocolate

House of Chocolate

House of Chocolate It is a very unique and beautiful hand crafted mini-museum portraying the history of chocolate in the world and Grenada. Looks at t... »

True Blue True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Friendly and homelike this colorful & delightful family run Boutique Resort reflects the life style of the beautiful island of Grenada and its communi... »

Saint George's Rick’s Café

Rick’s Café

Rick’s Cafe is an open air restaurant located at the Food Fair Shopping Plaza in Grand Anse. Renowned for its pizza, ice cream, and other food selec... »

True Blue Container Park

Container Park

Container Park is home to a number of casual dining restaurants and bars, a convenience store, and the Friday food festival. We also host parties and ... »

Grenville Bluebells Restaurant & Bar

Bluebells Restaurant & Bar

Bluebells is Grenada's latest venue for weddings, parties and family reunions. With a fully-stocked bar we cater to all tastes. We specialize in Jamai... »

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