Featured Restaurants in Grenada

Featured Restaurants in Grenada

Saint George's Rick’s Café

Rick’s Café

Rick’s Cafe is an open air restaurant located at the Food Fair Shopping Plaza in Grand Anse. Renowned for its pizza, ice cream, and other food selec... »

Hillsborough Green Roof Inn Carriacou

Green Roof Inn Carriacou

“Green Roof Inn has a vision that extends beyond the commercial – linking business success with the wellbeing of the local community and its envir... »

Grenada City Dream Cakes

Dream Cakes

The Dream Cakes was established and has presented itself to cater for the many with delicious cakes. The cakes were done as a hobby by catering for bi... »

Saint George's Dodgy Dock Grenada

Dodgy Dock Grenada

Dining By The Sea:Liming By The Bay!

Saint George's The Aquarium Restaurant

The Aquarium Restaurant

Sunday BBQ is our busiest day so please make a reservation to avoid disappointment. We are closed on Mondays! 24th Dec - Christmas Eve Buffet from 7... »

Morne Rouge Grill Master

Grill Master

At Grill Master, we offer top notch food suitable for any budget. Everything from Caribbean to Mediterranean, American, European, and Middle Eastern i... »

Saint George's Punj-Abi Indian Restaurant

Punj-Abi Indian Restaurant

Experience authentic Indian cuisine in the beautiful surroundings of Grenada. Punj-Abi Restaurant and bar is located next to the Digicel Grenada head... »

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