Featured Restaurants in Ethiopia

Featured Restaurants in Ethiopia

Traena Aloha Café

Aloha Café

Her tilbys lunsjmat, kaffe, kaker, milkshake og smoothie, hamburger og fiskeburger.Åpent fra 12-17 tirsdag, onsdag og fredag. lørdag fra 12-15 velko... »

Adliya Casa Mexicana-Bahrain

Casa Mexicana-Bahrain

With the best Mexican food in all of Bahrain, you won't be disappointed. We serve the best and authentic Mexican dishes, cooked by our own chef who ha... »

Addis Ababa Opium Addis

Opium Addis

American Tex-Mex food. Fresh and daily hand picked ingredients. Everything made from scratch. Chef Mekbib's.

Addis Ababa Kedame Bar and restaurant

Kedame Bar and restaurant


Addis Ababa Parkdale Burger

Parkdale Burger

Bringing a burger revolution to Addis. We are obsessed with freshness, our meat is ground and our buns are baked in-house every day.

Nazreth Hamdi Restaurant

Hamdi Restaurant

Hamdi Restaurant offers you the best pizza in town. It is a tasty handmade pizza and the menu is sure to please all tastes. We have all types of bases... »

Adama Ethiopian Model United Nations - ETHIO MUN

Ethiopian Model United Nations - ETHIO MUN

Ethiopian Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and ... »

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