Featured Restaurants in Ethiopia

Featured Restaurants in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa Parkdale Burger

Parkdale Burger

Bringing a burger revolution to Addis. We are obsessed with freshness, our meat is ground and our buns are baked in-house every day.

Traena Aloha Café

Aloha Café

Her tilbys lunsjmat, kaffe, kaker, milkshake og smoothie, hamburger og fiskeburger.Åpent fra 12-17 tirsdag, onsdag og fredag. lørdag fra 12-15 velko... »

Nazreth Hamdi Restaurant

Hamdi Restaurant

Hamdi Restaurant offers you the best pizza in town. It is a tasty handmade pizza and the menu is sure to please all tastes. We have all types of bases... »

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