Featured Restaurants in Cambodia

Featured Restaurants in Cambodia

Phnom Penh Botanico Wine & Beer Garden

Botanico Wine & Beer Garden

Botancio is a wine and beer garden restaurant/bar. We serve good food, wine, and the much-loved "Cerevisia CRAFT beer", which we brew ourselves local... »

Phnom Penh Hi Tea Cafe & Bistro

Hi Tea Cafe & Bistro

Hi Tea is a newly established cafe by a local company, it started off with a concept to provide a comfort lounge for PPCTV customers to relax, enjoy t... »

Krong Preah Sihanouk Kactus Koh Ta Kiev

Kactus Koh Ta Kiev

Kactus, ‘’the hidden treehouse’’ is located on the sunset side of Koh Ta Kiev island right on Plankton beach, a 1km private beach with gold sa... »

Phnom Penh Sushi Chef

Sushi Chef

We have Maki, Sushi, Sashimi, California Roll, Maki Slim, Temaki, Tobiko Roll, Fresh Maki Roll, Egg Maki, Avocado Roll, Some kind for drinking (Pric... »

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