Akrotiri Seafood Obsession Milos

Pollonia, Mílos, Greece     Ristorante greco, Ristorante di pesce


Aktaion pizza-Bar

adamas, Mílos, Greece     Mensa, Ristorante, Caffetteria

Alkis souvlaki milos

pollonia, Mílos, Greece     Ristorante greco

Anezina Cafe

Milos, Mílos, Greece     Coffee Shop, Ice Cream Shop, Restaurant


Adamas, Mílos, Greece     Ristorante di pesce, Cocktail bar, Ristorante europeo



Mílos, Greece     Family Style Restaurant

Armira-Milos island

Πολλώνια Μήλου, Mílos, Greece     Ristorante greco

Armira Milos specializes in seafood cuisine and seafood dishes based on the fresh fish and oysters coming from the Aegean sea. Ideally located in the small fishing yet cosmopolitan village of Pollonia, the restaurant uses onle the most fresh from the sea coming from local fishermen and mostly the father of the owner. Whether it’s sharing a conversation over a fried shrimp or a caramelized thymed flavored cuttlefish, Armira is the place to be when it comes to sampling the tastes of the sea. Here, you will taste an outstanding menu bursting with freshness and innovative flavour combinations. ...

Astakas Cafe Restaurant

Klima, Mílos, Greece     Ristorante mediterraneo


Plaka, Milos, Mílos, Greece     Ristorante greco

Στο εστιατόριο "Avli-Milos" αναβιώνουν οι παλιές ξεχασμένες "συνταγές της γιαγιάς" με τον πιο παραδοσιακό και χειροποίητο τρόπο! Τηλ:22870 27890


Tripiti, Mílos, Greece     Mediterranean Restaurant

Greek, medeterian, vegeterian and international kitchen waiting you, our dear guest, You can choose place in old room inside with nice music or sit outside with view of sea and meet sunset. Our best places, tasty food and good wine or cold beer waiting you!

Cafeneon Vlachos

Triovasalos, Mílos, Greece     Caffè, Trattoria

Dina's Souvlaki Milos

Pollonia, Mílos, Greece     Ristorante con specialità grigliate, Ristorante con barbecue

Egoist cafe

Adamantas, Mílos, Greece     Ristorante per colazioni e brunch, Caffè


Πολλώνια, Mílos, Greece     Greek Restaurant

Enjoy coffee & snack

Karodromos, Mílos, Greece     Ristorante, Caffetteria

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