The Mine Shaft Saloon

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Beer, wine, liquor, music and friendly people!

The Mine Shaft Saloon

On December 16th, 1978, as a Christmas present to himself, Bryce Lee acquired the Mine Shaft Saloon on Broad Street in downtown Nevada City. Bryce wanted a bar where local and visitors alike could feel comfortable; where adult beverages could be purchased at a fair price; where the beer was cold and the bartenders smiled; where people could have casual conversation during the day and then listen to roaring music on inside or on the back patio.

Bryce succeeded on all counts. And More.

Thirty-six years later, The Mine Shaft Saloon remains one of the most popular watering holes in town. Its weekday morning crowd includes locals looking for a fresh cup of coffee at 7:00 a.m., night workers looking for a break after eight hours of toil; one or two philosophers huddled at a table dissecting the morning newspaper; and, frequently a politician or two in search of the real heartbeat of Nevada City.

"From the beginning, I wanted a place for people to relax and enjoy themselves," explained Bryce, "and looking back over nearly a quarter of a century, I'd say we've done what we set out to do. If you're not having fun when you walk in The Mine Shaft, you soon will."

The Mine Shaft Saloon is located in the middle of Nevada City's busiest block, making it a great location for watching the annual Father's Day bicycle races or one of the town's many parades. For three Wednesday night each July, The Summer Nights street fair is right outside the bar's front door. And in December, for three Wednesday night and a Sunday afternoon, The Mine Shaft Saloon is in the middle of the nationally-acclaimed Victorian Christmas ~~ featured on Home Garden TV's holiday special, "A Small-Town Christmas."

"If something is happening in downtown Nevada City, it's happening inside our door."

A former Nevada City Chamber of Commerce board member, Bryce Lee has been involved in the community since the day he opened shop and always pitches in to decorate the bar to match the event. For instance, if you're in town for Joe Cain Day on March 2, 2003, you'll find the Mine Shaft filled with Mardi Gras masks, streamers & beads; fro July 4th activities and Constitution Day Parade in September, it's red, white & blue throughout; goblins galore for Halloween; lights and Christmas tree ornaments each December; horns hats & more for New Year's Eve.

In the summer, a back-deck patio area with table umbrellas is very popular. Then, in the winter, Bryce throws up a tent around the patio, brings in a big heater, and the beat goes on. The Mine shaft is, indeed, a year-round indoor-outdoor fun spot.

In addition to taking home good memories and a smile on your face, you can also take home one of the many souvenir items embossed with the name of Nevada Cities, favorite bar.

We've been open every day since December 16, 1978, enjoying every moment," noted Bryce, "and I have no intention of quitting now."


    Pub, Chinese Restaurant

    Coffee, Drinks

          Suitable for groups
          Outdoor tables
          Booking is NOT mandatory

   (530) 265-6310

      222 Broad St, Nevada City, United States

  Parking in the street



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