Taco Jake's

NOW OPEN! Fresh. Simple. Flavorful. Fast Casual Mexican. Specialties: tacos, burritos, kids meals, Icees and more!

Taco Jake's

Why should I consider Taco Jake’s?

Purpose: Our purpose is to deliver an exceptional taco experience.

Simply put, we’re here because we couldn’t find a Mexican restaurant in NW Arkansas that offered fantastic, flavorful, memorable tacos and other menu items. We really did look hard! We had to believe we weren’t alone, so our founder, Jacob Frese, long-time restaurateur in the fast casual Mexican category, stepped up to the plate…um, literally. Our menu is based on simplicity. Let’s not complicate things here. Flavor should speak for itself. Our service will be the standard that others hope to achieve.

Culture: Lots of restaurants shout, “We’re the BEST!”, but do they really mean it? To us, being the best means happy, motivated employees, satisfied customers and food that delights the senses.

Promise: Our promise to our employees, customers, vendors, shareholders, family, friends and community is all the same: we promise to provide a sustainable, comfortable and enjoyable food experience from plate to palate.

How do I know I’m the right fit for Taco Jake’s?

Good question. Easy answer. If you like tacos, we’re all good.

Ok, well, in a little more detail...If you want to be treated well, work alongside other people who enjoy what they do and have a great work ethic, we want to talk to you. We understand that many fast food and fast casual restaurant environments have high turnover and management that just want ‘warm bodies’ working in their establishments. That’s not us. If you have the churn and burn mentality, we really don’t want you near our tacos. Seriously, it’s bad for business and your bank account. If you love food and are looking for an environment that is a pleasure to walk into each day, join us. And hey, if you have an opinion, idea or creative moment, we certainly won’t hold you back, either!

Message us here if you are interested in more information or to join our team!

    Ristorante messicano

    Dinner, Lunch

          Suitable for children


      Facebook page

      403 Hwy 412 W, Siloam Springs, United States

  Internal parking



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