Sunrise Cafe

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check your feelings...gird your loins...welcome to the family

Sunrise Cafe

For those of you that don't get it let me try to explain. We were raised by the owners, Connie & Jerry. Jerry (my dad) was a long distance trucker. We children refer to that man as the saint!! Once you meet Connie you will understand. Connie, well, she bitched alot :) Seriously, Mom was a truckstop waitress. Her and my Fathers dream was to open their own restaurant one day and they swore by all that was sacred that they wouldn't kiss the customers a#$@s but they would treat them just like family!!!! EVERYONE that works in this establishment is family. We are the fruit of Connie & Jerrys loins and now the fruit of our loins are working there as well. So, when you walk into Sunrise Cafe we are striving hard to make you feel just as we did when we were growing up. If we did not succed then you are one of the lucky ones and had a decent upbringing. But, if we were successful then you can feel our pain as well!!! In closing I want to add that I dare any of you fine people to work 12 hours a day next to your entire family. If that doesn't make you mean I will personally kiss your...... mouth!!! See ya'll this summer :

    American Restaurant

    Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch

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      5367 Lake Rd E, Geneva-on-the-Lake, United States

  Parking with valet parking

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