Silvio's Villa

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Local,fresh ingredients non gmo ..from a converted 18th century farmhouse and gunsmith comes Silvio's Villa. An elegant setting in the heart of the Hudson Valley.

Silvio's Villa

We serve the finest authentic Italian cuisine in our restored 18th century mansion.

In addition to the charming atmosphere of our elegant dining rooms,
we offer catering, a spacious lounge, Outdoor Dining with fireplace, wishing well and gazebo!

We believe our restaurant is the perfect complement to our
beautiful surroundings here in the Hudson Valley.

History: In the late 1700s, Revolutionary War Veteran Levi Ellis built the home that is today Silvio’s Villa Restaurant. The original home is today our front entrance and the Green Room before the Ellis family expanded the house in 1811. Gilbert Drew purchased the house in the mid 1800s; Drew constructed the second story of the house and renamed the estate Maple Glen Farm. In 1920 Harry Vail purchased the home and his family occupied it until 1960. Roy Vail, a famed gunsmith, lived in the house while he ran his business from a nearby barn. Misfortune came to the Vail family when Roy’s sister was found murdered in 1972. Her death seemed to be without motive and no one was ever formerly charged. Rumors surfaced occasionally about Roy’s involvement and a decade later Roy Vail walked into the room that is today our Peach Room and took his life. Afterwards the house was sold again and converted to a restaurant and inn. It was sold once again to the Silvio's Villa’s namesake, Silvio, who today showcases Italian specialties in a part of Warwick history.

Paranormal Activity: At the Silvio's Villa, you hear footsteps, but no one is there. Ghostly shapes have joined you in a dark room late at night. An item would disappear and then show up again days later. A door opens and closes on its own. The North Jersey Paranormal Research organization visited the restaurant and recorded employees’ accounts of a snowstorm that knocked down two old oak trees at the front of the house. They were surprised to see the trees standing tall when they arrived the next morning. A priest was called in to bless the house, but shivered when he reached the basement. The owner once opened a coat closet to find the rack inside spinning furiously. Some days at the restaurant are normal…but others are not.

    Italian Restaurant, Performance & Event Venue, Seafood Restaurant

    Coffee, Dinner, Drinks, Lunch

          Home delivery
          Catering service
          Suitable for groups
          Suitable for children
          Outdoor tables
          Table service
          Booking is NOT mandatory

   (845) 987-1500

      Facebook page

      274 State Route 94 S, Warwick, United States

  Internal parking



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