Path of Life

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Path of Life is a new frozen organic and natural food brand.

Path of Life

A new approach to packaged foods for a new generation of healthy eaters.

Path of Life manufactures the best organic and natural foods, prepares them to exceptional taste standards, then packages them to meet the lifestyles of today’s health-conscious individuals and families who are busy following their own paths— and know that good, nourishing foods are important for the journey.

Our frozen fruits, vegetables and quinoa blends are simply good
food: good to taste, good to eat, good for the body, good for the
environment. We work with those who do not grow GMOs and are dedicated to sustainable farming methods, protecting the environment, encouraging biodiversity, and keeping our products as natural as possible.

Path of Life is for those who care about what they eat on every level.

There’s nothing complicated to our approach, and that’s a comfort to those who are looking for naturally good food to nourish the body and spirit. For those committed to traveling a
healthy path, Path of Life is a trusted and valued brand.

    Food & Beverage Company

   (844) 248-9997

      4412 W 44th St, Chicago, United States

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