Featured Restaurants in Lesotho

Featured Restaurants in Lesotho



It is also near Rock Art Paintings of Ha Baroana 7 KM away and there is a Pony Trekking at Setibing just 12KM to reach there. We have the save campi... »

Maseru Cappello Lesotho

Cappello Lesotho

Cappello Lesotho falls under the Cappello franchise in South Africa. Though we have some similarities by virtue of being part of the franchise, the ai... »

Butha-Buthe Maliba Lodge

Maliba Lodge

Maliba Lodge is the first and only 5-star lodge in Lesotho, Southern Africa and is located in a pristine National Park in the heart of this Mountain K... »

Maseru No.7 Restaurant & Kick4Life Hotel & Conference Centre

No.7 Restaurant & Kick4Life Hotel & Conference Centre

No.7 is a stunning restaurant run by Kick4Life, an award-winning NGO, located in the heart of Maseru, Lesotho's capital city. We offer great food in a... »

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