East Malvern RSL

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The committee at East Malvern RSL has developed a wide range of services and resources to support members, their families and the broader community

East Malvern RSL

The RSL is an independent organisation run by members, for members primarily to assist current and former service men and women and their dependants
The first official meeting of the East Malvern RSL Sub-Branch was held on May 23rd 1933 in the “great barn loft” at the rear of a house in Darling road owned by Mr David Hyslop which had been converted into a meeting area some time before for the use of the 1st Malvern scout group.

Circulars had been distributed in the local area to attract local servicemen; to the surprise of the provisional committee 120 eligible ex-servicemen attended the meeting with 65 subscriptions paid on the night a fantastic response for the committee and the RSL State President Mr Holland.

The Club experienced continued to growth over the next 22 years establishing its current site in Stanley Grose Drive in 1955 and is still operating today from the same building which has had several extensions during the years to accommodate membership growth.

In 1993 Mr Ted Merriman and Mr Harry Hubble complied the history of the club to commemorate it’s Diamond Jubilee, this document have been reproduced in Pdf format and can be viewed by activating the link below.

Since 1993 the club has experienced economic challenges, however it continues to this day because of enduring belief in the RSL cause and the importance of the club to its members and the local community.

The current Committee of Management has plans for a redevelopment of the club site which will include modernisation of the facilities and should be complete by the end of 2013.
For more info about EM RSL please download this PDF

    Social Club, Restaurant

    Coffee, Dinner, Drinks, Lunch

          Catering service
          Suitable for groups
          Outdoor tables
          Booking is NOT mandatory


      Stanley Grose Drive, Malvern East, Australia

  Internal parking, Parking in the street



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