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We make tasty plant-based yoghurt and frozen yoghurt alternatives. Have you tried our Coco Start, Almond Start, Coco Frost, Almond Frost and Coco Frostick? #abbotkinneys


At Abbot Kinney’s, we use the best ingredients we can find to make plant based, organic products that taste delicious. Whether it’s our Vietnamese coconut milk, our Sicilian almonds or our Alfonso mangos from India, only the tastiest, healthiest and most nutritious ingredients make the cut.

Similarly, we try to use as few ingredients as possible, never use unnatural additives and go out of our way to responsibly produce everything we make.

We promise that everything from Abbot Kinney’s will always be tasty, nutritious and plant-based.

    Food & Beverage

      Nieuwe Hemweg 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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