95 Nutrition

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95 Nutrition is an affordable meal prep service tailored to YOUR specific needs.

95 Nutrition

95 Nutrition preps meals for people who are looking to reach certain goals whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, improve general health or even just to help people who are too busy or don't like to cook.

We consult with each one of our clients and based on the information gathered during this conversation we come up with a diet plan that best suits that individual's needs, tastes, budget and even level of motivation.

We then freshly prepare a full week's worth of food weighing everything precisely so you can be sure of the calories, fat, carbs and protein you're taking in with each meal. Everyone is different and we feel that their meal plans should reflect that.
You can pick up the meals from us or for a ten dollar delivery charge we can bring them right to your door!

95 Nutrition believes that so much emphasis is placed on the gym and working out that the big picture isn't seen. The most dedicated gym goers spend 5% of their time in the gym. Even if they gave 110% during that time, the other 95% is often overlooked. They chart workouts, come up with routines, count how many calories are burned and micromanage that time. When it comes down to it, the other 95% is the key.

We can make sure your nutrition is solid for that 95% so you can maximize your efforts in the gym and help you reach your goals by answering questions, checking in with you and giving you motivation to help you stick through any difficult times.
If you have any further questions or would like to have a consultation, email us!


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      2488 grand island blvd, Grand Island, United States


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